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Royal Story (audio CD)

Published Date:
British Library Publishing
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Audio CD, Running time 73 minutes
Narrated by Narrated by Dame Judi Dench
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The History of the House of Windsor in Words and Music
Narrated by Dame Judi Dench

This CD presents the history of the House of Windsor in words and music. The 40 tracks include great events heard live such as the funeral of King George V, the first royal visit to the USA, the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, the first televised Christmas day broadcast and the aftermath of the Falklands conflict.
Listen to sample tracks using Windows Media Player:
A broadcast message to children
Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret (recorded 1940)
A weekend at Balmoral
Sir Hugh Casson (rec 1990-1)

Track Listing:

1. Elgar: Coronation March Op. 65 Performers: London Philharmonic Orchestra/Landon Ronald (rec 1935)

King George V 2. The coronation of 1911 Speaker: Vita Sackville-West (rec 1937)

3. Your King and country want you (Rubens) Performer: Howard Roberts (rec 1914)

4. Empire Day messages Speakers: King George V and Queen Mary (rec 1923)

5. The opening of the World Monetary and Economic Conference Speaker: King George V (rec 1933)

6. Speech on voluntary service and unemployment Speaker: Edward, Prince of Wales [later King Edward VIII] (rec 1934)

'God bless the Prince of Wales' (Richards) Performers: The Band of the Coldstream Guards conducted by Lieut. R.G. Evans

7. Reminiscences of Queen Mary Speaker: Sir Hugh Casson (rec 1990-1)

8. Tolling of bell of St. Paul's Cathedral (rec 1936)

Tribute to the memory of King George V Speaker: Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin (rec 1936)

9. Minute gun salute in Hyde Park (rec 1936)

Funeral of King George V [extracts] Live recording (rec 1936)

King Edward VIII 10. The day of abdication Speaker: Lord Louis Mountbatten [later Earl Mountbatten of Burma] (rec 1980)

11. Abdication speech Speaker: King Edward VIII (rec 1936)

King George VI 12. King George VI meets President Franklin D. Roosevelt Speakers: American radio commentators (rec 1939)

13. 'The King to his Peoples' Speaker: King George VI (rec 1939)

14. 'A message to the Women of the Empire' Speaker: Queen Elizabeth [later the Queen Mother] (rec 1939)

15. 'A broadcast message to children' Speakers: Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret (rec 1940)

16. Princesses among the crowds on VE Day Speaker: Edward Stanley, 18th Earl of Derby (rec 1993)

VJ Day celebrations Speaker: Michael Standing (rec 1945)

17. Princess Elizabeth broadcasts from Cape Town on the occasion of her 21st birthday Speaker: Princess Elizabeth [later Queen Elizabeth II] (rec 1947)

18. Princess Elizabeth [Crean] Performers: Webster Booth, London Palladium Orchestra, c. Richard Crean (rec 1930)

19. Opening of the Festival of Britain Speaker: King George VI (rec 1951)

20. 'Don't make fun of the fair' from 'The Lyric Revue' (Coward) Performers: Noel Coward, accompanied by Norman Hackforth (rec 1951)

21. Reminiscences of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Speakers: Harold Wilson [later Prime Minister] and A. Haydock (rec 1976)

Queen Elizabeth II 22. Broadcast to the nation on the death of King George VI Speaker: Prime Minister, Winston Churchill (rec 1952)

23. The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II Live recording (rec 1953)

24. 'The Royal Tour' - a calypso (Rafael De Leon) Performer: Roaring Lion (rec 1954)

25. Independence of Jamaica Speaker: Princess Margaret (rec 1962)

26. First Christmas Day broadcast on TV Speaker: Queen Elizabeth II (rec 1957)

27. The daily life of the Queen Speaker: Dorothy Laird (rec 1965)

28. A weekend at Balmoral Speaker: Sir Hugh Casson (rec 1990-1)

29. Monarchy or republic? Speaker: Gough Whitlam, former Prime Minister of Australia (rec late 1970s) Speaker: Michael Manley, former Prime Minister of Jamaica (rec 1981) Speaker: John McAllion (rec 1999)

30. The Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II: Buckingham Palace crowds Speaker: R. Maynard (rec 1977)

31. Allegretto from 'Jubilee Serenade' (Horovitz) Performers: Royal Ballet Sinfonia/Horovitz (rec 1998)

32. Launch of Silver Jubilee Appeal Speakers: Prince Charles and Noel Edmonds (rec 1977)

33. Princess Anne in Beirut Speakers: P. Donaldson, C. Drake (rec 1982)

34. The Falklands conflict Speakers: Prince Andrew and M. Hanrahan (rec 1982)

35. 'Annus horribilis: speech at London Guildhall Speaker: Queen Elizabeth II (rec 1992)

36. Queen to pay tax: announcement in House of Commons Speaker: Prime Minister, John Major (rec 1993)

37. Diana, Princess of Wales Speakers: Princess Diana and Martin Bashir (rec 1995)

38. 'Spring Time in Angus: Elizabeth of Glamis' (Coates) Performers: City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra/Reginald Kilbey (rec 1971)

39. 100th birthday of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother Speaker: Prime Minister, Tony Blair (rec 2000)

40. Queen's speech to Heads of Commonwealth Speaker: Queen Elizabeth II (rec 1999)

41. Walton: Orb and Sceptre Performers: Philharmonia Orch/Walton (rec 1953)

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