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Vanishing Wildlife (audio CD)

Published Date:
British Library Publishing
Bibliographic Details:
Audio CD (Running time 73 minutes)
Compiled by Richard Ranft
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A Sound Guide to Britain's Endangered Species

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Here are recordings from the British Library Sound Archive of some of the most elusive birds, mammals, insects and frogs in Britain.
Hear sample sound clips using Windows Media Player:
Calls of a male Capercaillie and then wing sounds of 2 fighting males.
Sonar calls of Noctule bats flying high over a pond at night, occasionally diving to catch insects.

Track listing:
1. Capercaillie
2. Scottish Crossbill
3. Red Squirrel
4. Scottish Wildcat
5. Pine Marten
6. Black Grouse
7. Hen Harrier
8. Woodlark
9. Nightjar
10. Stone Curlew
11. Red-backed Shrike
12. Adder
13. Natterjack Toad
14. Wryneck
15. New Forest Cicada
16. Bittern
17. Marsh Warbler
18. Black tailed Godwit
19. Otter
20. Pool Frog
21. Mole Cricket
22. Noctule Bat
23. Pipistrelle Bat
24. White-tailed Sea Eagle
25. Roseate Tern
26. Greater Horseshoe Bat
27. Corncrake
28. Quail
29. Cirl Bunting
30. Wart-biter
31. Field Cricket

`You can always rely on the British Library's Audio Department for some sound gems, and these 31 recordings of some of Britain's most endangered species is no exception.
This isn't an option, it's a must`

The Guardian

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