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Bird Mimicry (audio CD)

Published Date:
April 2006
British Library Publishing
Bibliographic Details:
CD, 24 tracks, running time 67 minutes
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A Remarkable Collection of Imitations by Birds

This Bird Mimicry CD features some of the rarest recordings ever captured – it includes more than 25 tracks of incredible avian imitations.

Songbirds and talking birds have the ability to memorise and replicate other sounds. In a few species, this talent for plagiarism sometimes produces surprising results: birds that mimic other birds, farm animals, machines, or human speech.

Highlights of this remarkable collection include:
A Shropshire Jay that neighs like a horse
A Blackbird in London that imitates a computer modem
A Fawn-breasted Bowerbird performing the sawing, hammering and other construction sounds on a home in New Guinea
A starling in Herefordshire that can imitate an owl, a jackdaw and a chicken
and unique recordings of Bullfinches tutored in Germany to whistle traditional folk tunes!

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