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Bernard Shaw: The Spoken Word (audio CD)

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British Library Publishing
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Two CDs with booklet including introductory essay and notes.
British Library Sound Archive
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Bernard Shaw was one of the most celebrated English-language writers of the 20th century and a very prominent figure in the early years of radio in Britain.

Fuelled by his determination to use radio to promote some of his more controversial views, Shaw made regular broadcasts over a period of almost 25 years. The surviving recordings address a characteristically wide range of topics, from social equality and the evils of capitalism to the nature of drama.

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Bernard Shaw speaks in the series 'Whither Britain?', broadcast in 1934.

Track listing
Disc 1
1. A Message to America
2. Rungs of the Ladder
3. Address to the British Drama League, Edinburgh
4. Whither Britain? [extract]

Disc 2
1. Talks for Sixth Forms: Modern Education
2. As I See It
3. National Theatre ? Handing Over Deeds of Site
4. Introduction to 'The Dark Lady of the Sonnets'
5. Greetings to Listeners on his 88th birthday
6. A Televised Talk on his 90th birthday
7. On Receiving the Freedom of the Borough of St. Pancras
8. 'Theatre Programme': Dialogue between Bernard Shaw and C.B. Cochran

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by Dr John S. Partington, Editor, The Wellsian on 22 Jan 2013 at 13:44
I heartily congratulate the British Library on the achievement of this publication, and the BBC on its intelligence in permitting the production of this CD. It is a valuable resource to researchers of H. G. Wells but also of those interested in social and political history of 1929 to 1943.