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Ted Hughes: Poetry in the Making - The Spoken Word (audio CD)

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British Library Publishing
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2 audio CD set with booklet, running time: 141 minutes
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Ted Hughes explains the origins and development of some of his most famous animal poems, such as The Thought-Fox and Pike, and suggests techniques of concentration for translating thoughts into poems. The set contains five complete Listening and Writing talks, all illustrated with Hughes's readings of his own and others' poetry, plus two complementary programmes of readings from the collection Season Songs.

Recordings include Capturing Animals (1961), in which Ted Hughes talks about how his early interest in animals turned into capturing and keeping animals in the form of poems, and Meet my Folks! (1965), in which Ted Hughes talks about his imaginary family and reads the poems he wrote about them.

Listen to sample tracks using Windows Media Player:
Ted Hughes reads 'Inversnaid' by Gerard Manley Hopkins

Ted Hughes reads his poem 'Spring: The River in March' from Season Songs, broadcast on 6 September 1977

Track Listing
Disc one:
1 [Introduction]
2 The Thought Fox (from The Hawk in the Rain)
3 Pike
4 [Introduction]
5 The Earth Owl
6 Moon-Horrors
7 Music on the Moon
8 The Armies of the Moon
9 The Snail of the Moon
10 A Moon Man-hunt
11 Moon-Hops
12 Foxgloves
13 [Introduction]
14 View of a Pig (from Lupercal)
15 Bare Almond Trees
16 Wodwo (from Wodwo)
17 [Introduction]
18 The South Country [extract] (Edward Thomas)
19 Virginia (T.S. Eliot)
20 Inversnaid (Gerard Manley Hopkins)
21 Wuthering Heights (Sylvia Plath)

Disc Two
1 [Introduction]
2 My Brother Bert
3 My Uncle Dan
4 Grandma
5 My Grandpa
6 My Mother
7 My Father
8 [Introduction]
9 Spring: A March Calf
10 Spring: The River in March
11 Spring: March Morning Unlike Others
12 Spring: Spring Nature Notes I
13 Spring: April Birthday
14 Spring: Ice Crust and Snowflake
15 Summer: Swifts
16 Summer: Mackerel Song
17 Summer: Hay
18 [Introduction]
19 Summer: Sheep III
20 Summer: Apple Dumps
21 Autumn: Cranefly in September
22 Autumn: Two Horses
23 Autumn: The Seven Sorrows
24 Winter: December River
25 Winter: The Warm and the Cold
26 [Introduction]
27 Stealing Trout on a May Morning (from Recklings)

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