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Coastal Birds (audio CD)

Published Date:
April 2009
British Library Publishing
Bibliographic Details:
1 CD with booklet; running time 47 minutes
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An audio guide to bird sounds of the British coastline

Learn how to identify the voices of 50 coastal birds with this invaluable audio guide from the British Library Sound Archive. Species that are regularly found along the shores of the British Isles have been selected and include a range of seabirds, waders, wildfowl and even a couple of songbirds on this CD. Some species such as the Oystercatcher and Ringed Plover are permanent residents on the British coastline and can been seen throughout the year. Others, such as the Puffin, Storm Petrel and Arctic Tern only return to these shores for a limited time in order to breed. For certain species such as the Knot and Turnstone, British waters offer a safe haven in which they can see out the winter before heading back to more northerly nesting grounds in the spring.

Coastal Birds presents a comprehensive collection of vocalisations that can be used during any visit to the coast. We hope that being able to identify these birds by voice will add to your enjoyment of the beautiful British coastline and the wide variety of species that can be seen and heard there. Also available as an audio download.

Hear sample sound clips using Windows Media Player:
Arctic Tern calls from a breeding colony
Eider male and female calls
Guillemot general colony sounds
Herring Gull long calls, mewing and short barks
Oystercatcher piping calls
Puffin long calls of adult and sounds of chick in burrow

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