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Countryside Birds (audio CD)

Published Date:
April 2009
British Library Publishing
Bibliographic Details:
1 CD with booklet; running time 71 minutes
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An audio guide to bird sounds of the British countryside

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The British countryside is renowned for its natural beauty and diverse wildlife and any walk, whether it be in woodland, wetland or open country, is always accompanied by the varied songs and calls of our birdlife. This handy identification guide presents the sounds of 65 species that call the British countryside home, from songbirds such as the Yellowhammer, Skylark and Reed Warbler to game birds such as the Pheasant and Red-legged Partridge and birds of prey such as the Kestrel and Buzzard. A must for anyone who loves walking in the countryside, and wants to learn more about the sounds around them.

This CD does not include introductions to tracks.

Listen to sample sound clips using Windows Media Player:
Moorhen typical calls
Nightjar call, song and wing claps
Reed Warbler song
Tawny Owl hoots
Willow warbler song
Yellowhammer song

`Countryside Birds contains recordings of 65 species, the ones you are most likely to encounter... Can be used as an identification guide – especially useful if you are just interested in identifying bird song you hear during a walk, or can be used to evoke the sounds of the countryside.` Su Gough, British Trust for Ornithology

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