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Stevie Smith: The Spoken Word (audio CD)

Published Date:
British Library Publishing
Bibliographic Details:
Audio CD with booklet, running time: 68 minutes
Stephen Cleary
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This CD collects 50 poems and songs read by Stevie Smith and recorded for the BBC over the period 1956-1968.

It includes many of Smith's best-known titles, including Not Waving but Drowning, Thoughts about the Person from Porlock and Do Take Muriel Out. A highlight is a complete live performance from the 1965 Edinburgh Festival, including material not broadcast at the time.

Listen to a sample track using Windows Media Player:
Stevie Smith reading 'Not Waving but Drowning', broadcast in 1963 (excerpt)

[a] priceless gem from the British Library sound archive.
Sue Arnold, The Guardian

Track listing
Stevie Smith reading a selection of her poems
1 My Cats
2 The River God
3 Mother, among the Dustbins
4 The Lady of the Well-Spring
5 Songe d'Athalie
6 God the Eater
7 Farewell

Stevie Smith in conversation
8 Longing for Death because of Feebleness

The Living Poet - Stevie Smith
9 Thoughts about the Person from Porlock
10 Was It Not Curious?
11 If I Lie Down
12 Not Waving but Drowning
13 Rapunzel
14 The Deserter
15 Human Affection

Poets in Public
16 The Blue from Heaven
17 Tenuous and Precarious
18 Poor Soul, poor Girl!
19 Do Take Muriel Out
20 Was He Married?
21 Croft
22 The Repentance of Lady T
23 Le Singe Qui Swing

Poets in Public
24 Not Waving but Drowning
25 The Frog Prince
26 Autumn
27 Pad Pad
28 Rencontres Funestes
29 'I'll have your heart'
30 The Jungle Husband
31 I Remember
32 One of Many
33 Fafnir and the Knights

Poems by living poets
34 The Best Beast of the Fat-Stock Show at Earls Court

Poems and Conversation
35 Thoughts about the Christian Doctrine of Eternal Hell
36 Why do you rage?

Poems by Stevie Smith
37 The Ass
38 Angel Boley
39 So to fatness come
40 The Sea-widow
41 Oh grateful colours, bright looks!
42 Archie and Tina
43 Jumbo
44 The Galloping Cat
45 The Poet Hin
46 Phédre
47 Yes, I know
48 Mrs Blow and Her Animals
49 The Celts
50 O Happy Dogs of England

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