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Bloomsbury Group: The Spoken Word (audio CD)

Published Date:
September 2009
British Library Publishing
Bibliographic Details:
2 CDs, running time 131 minutes
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The Bloomsbury Group remains of great public interest for its influence on art, literature and politics in the first half of the 20th century. This unique 2 CD set brings together for the fist time some fascinating recordings of the Bloomsbury group of artists, intellectuals, and writers, which included Virginia and Leonard Woolf, Clive and Vanessa Bell, and Duncan Grant. The recordings also include reminiscences by some of those who were associated or related to the Bloomsbury group. The CDs draw on long-unheard BBC broadcasts and recordings from the Charleston Trust, most of which are being published for the first time.

Track listing
Disc One
1. Leonard Woolf, The World of Books (1964)
2. Virginia Woolf, Craftsmanship (1937)
3. E M Forster, Talk on Desmond MacCarthy (1952)
4. Desmond MacCarthy, Tears(1947)
5. Duncan Grant, Desert Island Discs(1975)
6. Leonard Woolf, Henry James and the Young Men(1959)
7. Clive Bell, Lytton Strachey(1980)
8. Duncan Grant, Charleston Trust interview (1969), other speaker: Quentin Bell
9. Vanessa Bell, Portrait of Virginia Woolf (1956)
10. Duncan Grant, Charleston Trust interview (1969), other speaker: Quentin Bell
11. John Maynard Keynes, The Arts Council of Great Britain(1945)
12. Duncan Grant, From BBC interviews made for `Omnibus` programme (1970)

1. Harold Nicolson, As I Knew Her (1954)
2. William Plomer, From BBC interviews made for `Omnibus` programme (1970)
3. David Garnett, David Garnett interviewed on his life and work (1978)
4. David Cecil, From BBC interviews made for `Omnibus` programme (1970)
5. Frances Partridge, My Century(1999)
6. Angelica Garnett, British Library oral history interview (2003)
7. George Rylands, Portrait of Virginia Woolf (1956)
8. Marjorie Strachey, Souvenir - Recollections of the Bloomsbury Group (1962)
9. Angelica Garnett, From BBC interviews made for `Omnibus` programme (1970)
10. Vita Sackville-West, Talk on Virginia Woolf and Orlando(1955)
11. Quentin Bell, From BBC interviews made for `Omnibus` programme (1970)
12. Margery Fry, Portrait of Virginia Woolf (1956)
13. Nigel Nicolson and Benedict Nicolson, From BBC interviews made for `Omnibus` programme (1970)
14. Elizabeth Bowen, From BBC interviews made for `Omnibus` programme (1970)
15. George Rylands, From BBC interviews made for `Omnibus` programme (1970)
16. Ralph Partridge, Portrait of Virginia Woolf (1956)
17. John Lehmann, Portrait of Virginia Woolf (1956)
18. Bertrand Russell, Portraits from Memory (1952)
19. David Garnett, Books and Writers (1971)
20. Gerald Brenan, Interviewed by the BBC on his book Personal Record 1920-1972(1974)
21. Grace Higgens, Charleston Trust interview (1969)
22. Nellie Boxhall, Portrait of Virginia Woolf (1956)
23. Lottie Hope, Portrait of Virginia Woolf (1956)
24. Louie Mayer, From BBC interviews made for `Omnibus` programme (1970)

`A must-have addition to every serious audio collection.` Sue Arnold, The Guardian
`It was an unexpected and nostalgic pleasure to listen to old recordings of or about the Bloomsbury Group.`
Jonathan Cecil, The Spectator
`[These recordings] are a triumph! Admirably clear, evocative and entertaining... They are a perfect introduction to Bloomsbury, presenting one of the clearest definitions of the group possible. And at the same time they will be irresistible to the aficionado.` Wendy Hitchmough, The Charleston Trust

`This isn't about the Bloomsbury group, it is the Bloomsbury group, alive and kicking, thanks to the miracle of the audio archive. They're all here – Leonard and Virginia, Clive and Vanessa, EM Forster, Duncan Grant and co – sounding (especially the women) as if they're speaking through mouthfuls of plums as they talk about student life at Cambridge, those Thursday evening At Homes at 46 Gordon Square and, of course, each other.` The Guardian

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