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Treasures in Focus: Stamps by David Beech (paperback)

Published Date:
November 2009
The British Library
Bibliographic Details:
Paperback, 64 pages, 12 x 10cm
David Beech
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David Beech, Head of the Philatelic Collections at the British Library, has written the accompanying text to this Treasures in Focus pocket guide to some of the British Library's greatest philatelic treasures.

The British Library's Philatelic Collections are the world's largest, most diverse and complete of their kind. They include a wide variety of items: not only postage stamps, but also revenue stamps (both adhesive and non-adhesive), postal stationery, postal history materials, meter stamps, postal orders, paper money, and more besides. About half are from Great Britain. The rest come from the British Empire, British Commonwealth and foreign countries.

This pocket-sized introduction illustrates some of the most unusual and rare stamps in the collections. Here David Beech explains the origin and background to the stamps, and describes the way in which they were produced, and what today makes the stamp so uncommon. This intriguing glimpse into the British Library's philatelic collections is a must for any stamp enthusiast and makes a fantastic gift for collectors. Order your copy today.

The Treasures in Focus series is available exclusively through the British Library Shop.

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