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Voices of History (audio CD)

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British Library Publishing
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2 audio CD set with introductory booklet, running time: 145 minutes
British Library Sound Archive
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Listen to the voices that made history! 40 historical speakers are represented, starting with a rare 1888 recording of Prime Minister Gladstone, as well as international figures such as Lenin and Roosevelt.

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William Ewart Gladstone
David Lloyd George
Leon Trotsky
Neville Chamberlain
Franklin D Roosevelt
Christabel Hariette Pankhurst
Nancy Astor
Princess Elizabeth
Born 1926
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Florence Nightingale

Track Listing:

Disc 1:
1. To Edison from Colonel Gouraud, introducing Mr. Gladstone - the phonograph's salutation - Williams Ewart Gladstone
2. Speech on the Budget - Herbert Henry Asquith
3. Speech on the Budget - David Lloyd George
4. Labour - Thomas Woodrow Wilson
5. In Memory of Comrade Yakov Mikhailovich, Chairman of the All-Russia Central Executive Committee - Vladimir Ilich Lenin
6. Saint Patrick's Day Address - Eamon DeValera
7. Labour Party 1929 Election. Pt. 1 Unemployment - James Ramsay MacDonald
8. Address by the Prime Minister at the Empire Rally of Youth - Stanley Baldwin
9. Speech to the Mexican People - Leon Trotsky
10. Speech in Königsberg - Adolf Hitler
11. Prime Minister's Speech at Heston Airport on His Return from Munich, Sept. 30th, 1938 - Arthur Neville Chamberlain
12. This Was Their Finest Hour - Winston Churchill
13. Radio Broadcast to the Soviet People - Joseph Stalin
14. Address to the Congress of the Us - Franklin D. Roosevelt
15. Speech at the Opening Assembly of the United Nations - Clement Richard Attlee
16. Suffrage of Women - Christabel Harriette Pankhurst
17. Politics and the Home - Margaret Wintringham
18. Woman's Opportunity - Margaret Grace Bondfield
19. New Outlook for Women - Katharine Ramsey
20. Nancy Astor Lays Foundation Stone/Women Against the War/Women demand equal compensation - Nancy Witcher Astor

Disc 2
1. Gospel of Wealth - Andrew Carnegie
2. Land and Labour - Josiah Wedgwood
3. Future of British Industry - Thomas James Macnamara
4. Return to Prosperity and How the League of Nations Is Helping - James Arthur Salter
5. Message to the Empire - George V.
6. Abdication Speech - Edward VIII
7. Broadcast Message to Children - Princess Elizabeth
8. Message Broadcasted on D-Day 6th Jone 1944 - George VI
9. Speech on Education - Francis Bourne
10. Jewish Homeland - Herbert Louis Samuel
11. Relevance of Christianity - Hugh Richard Lawrie Sheppard
12. His Spiritual Message to the World - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
13. My Message to the World of Islam - Aga Khan III
14. In Aid of the Light Brigade Relief Fund - Florence Nightingale
15. Don't Forget - William Booth
16. Address to Boy Scouts - Robert Baden-Powell
17. Social and Humanitarian Work of the League of Nations - Rachel Eleanor Crowdy
18. Toc H Festival Speech - Philip Thomas Byard Clayton
19. Speech at European Congress on Nuclear Disarment - Bertrand Russell

`awesome, an aural tapestry of the voices of great figures speaking so uncannily directly to us that time seems to vanish and we are in their presence.`

Times Online

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