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Electronic Beowulf (DVD/ CD-Rom)

Published Date:
October 2011
British Library Publishing
Bibliographic Details:
DVD with Java, user guide included, Mac and PC compatible
Kevin Kiernan (Programmed by Ionut Emil Iacob)
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Third edition

This new edition of Electronic Beowulf supersedes all previous versions. It is designed to meet the needs of general readers, who require a full, line by line, translation; of students, who want to understand the grammar and the meter and still have time in a term to study and appreciate other important aspects of the poem; and of scholars, who want immediate access to a critical apparatus identifying the nearly 2000 eighteenth-century restorations, editorial emendations, and manuscript-based conjectural restorations.

The facsimiles incorporate new, much higher resolution images of all 70 folios, over 130 ultraviolet images, and over 750 newly processed backlit images of the more than 1300 that reveal the hundreds of letters covered on the versos by the 19th-century restoration frames. The text is completely revised, based closely on and comprehensively illustrated by the single surviving manuscript of Beowulf.

As with previous editions, the Third Edition also includes high-resolution images of the entire British Library MS Cotton Vitellius A. xv.

You may install the program on your PC or Mac by following the instructions here

About the creators
Kevin Kiernan is Emeritus Professor of English at the University of Kentucky and author of Beowulf and the Beowulf Manuscript and The Thorkelin Transcripts of Beowulf.

Programmed by Dr Ionut Emil Iacob, Assistant Professor of Mathematical Sciences at Georgia Southern University and has contributed to a large number of publications on image-based electronic editions of manuscripts.

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