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Sylvia Plath (audio CD)

Published Date:
April 2010
British Library Publishing
Bibliographic Details:
Audio CD, running time: 73 minutes
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The Spoken Word

Sylvia Plath poems and discussions with the poet herself feature in this unique CD. Her confessional, frank style of writing won her many fans around the world, and over 40 years after her death, she remains immensely popular. This insightful CD from British Library Publishing brings together BBC recordings from the British Library Sound Archive, and includes Sylvia Plath poems, as well as recordings of Plath discussing and reading from her work. A particular highlight is a 1961 recording of a BBC programme Plath recorded with her husband, Ted Hughes, where they talk about their marriage and what it means to live with your muse. Many of these recordings are published here for the first time, making this a perfect gift for fans of Sylvia Plath and her poems.

Track listing
New Poetry: The Poet’s Voice
1 Leaving Early
2 Candles

Two of a Kind: Poets in Partnership
3 Interview with Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes
4 Introduction to Mushrooms
5 Mushrooms (Plath)
6 Introduction to Pike
7 Pike (Hughes)

The Living Poet
8 Introduction
9 Introduction to The Disquieting Muses
10 The Disquieting Muses
11 Introduction to Spinster
12 Spinster
13 Introduction to Parliament Hill Fields
14 Parliament Hill Fields
15 Introduction to The Stones
16 The Stones

Live poetry reading at the Mermaid Theatre, London
17 Introducing Sylvia Plath
18 Introduction to Tulips
19 Tulips
The Poet’s Voice
20 The Surgeon at 2 a.m.

What Made You Stay?
21 Surviving extracts from an interview with Sylvia Plath.
The Poet’s Voice
22 Berck-Plage

New Comment
23 Sylvia Plath reviews an anthology 'Contemporary American Poetry' and reads extracts from the following poems: 'Memories of West Street and Lepke' (Robert Lowell), 'There Is' (Louis Simpson), 'Sunday in Glastonbury' (Robert Bly), 'After Greece' (James Merrill), 'Miners' (James Wright), 'Flower Herding on Mount Monadnock' (Galway Kinnell)

`bringing together all of her surviving BBC broadcasts [this CD] has been hailed by scholars of the American feminist icon for unmasking the real person behind the tragic myth which has developed since her suicide in 1963.`
Jonathan Brown, The Independent
`astonishingly rare recordings`
P Viktor, poet and writer
`[this CD] has been lovingly rescued from oblivion from the archives of BBC broadcasts between 1960 and a month before she killed herself in February 1963.`
John Horder, Camden New Journal

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