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Aldous Huxley - The Spoken Word (audio CD)

Published Date:
April 2010
British Library Publishing
Bibliographic Details:
CD, Running time: 74 minutes
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This fascinating CD contains recordings of interviews with Aldous Huxley from the BBC archives spanning nearly 30 years. On it, the author discusses many diverse topics, including the causes of war and the effects of drug-taking on the writing process, and talks about his best known novels Brave New World and Island. Many of the recordings here have not previously been published, and offer insight into one of the most intriguing authors of the 20th century.

Track listing
1. Causes of War
2. Aldous Huxley discusses his book `Ape and Essence`
3. Monitor
4. The Brains Trust - The panel discusses the use of pills to lessen anxiety
5. The Brains Trust - The panel discusses mystical experiences
6. Life and Letters

`... these illuminating broadcasts show, [Huxley's] thinking was provocative, adventurous and refreshingly unorthodox.`
Elizabeth Bentley, Word of Mouth

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