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Secret Songs of Birds: The hidden beauty of birdsong revealed (audio CD)

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British Library Publishing
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1 CD, Running time: 65 minutes
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Many British songbirds, such as the Skylark, Icterine Warbler and Grey Fantail produce songs that astound us with their complexity and speed of delivery. These exquisite sounds never fail to impress listeners, but it is almost impossible for the human ear to distinguish the wealth of hidden notes and surprising melodies that make up these remarkable compositions. Here, original recordings of British songbirds are played alongside digitally mastered versions where the natural speed has been specifically altered to reveal the subtle intricacy of each song in its full splendour. Join us as we enter this unknown world to hear the secret songs of British birds.

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Grey Fantail
Pacific Winter Wren

Track listing
1. British Wren
2. Icterine Warbler
3. Common Yellowthroat
4. White-winged Fairywren
5. White-bellied Sunbird
6. Siberian Rubythroat
7. Skylark
8. Common Redstart
9. Barred Warbler
10. Spotted Wren Babbler
11. Curve-billed Thrasher
12. Protea Canary
13. Goldcrest
14. Grasshopper Warbler
15. Lesser Shortwing
16. Ruby-crowned Kinglet
17. Blackcap
18. Chestnut-vented Warbler
19. Reed Warbler
20. Grey Butcherbird
21. Rufous-tailed Scrub-Robin
22. Pacific Winter Wren
23. Blue-throated Flycatcher
24. Grey Fantail

Eric Ormsby, Bookforum
`A new CD from the British Library plays original recordings alongside digitally mastered versions where the speed has been slowed to reveal the subtle intricacy of each song in its full glory.` The Guardian
`The British Library has selected 24 bird songs from around the world, and then slowed the recordings down to allow us to hear the detail of each note... With the slow version [of the Grasshopper Warbler] on this CD you can hear every double note that makes up the thin reeling song.`

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