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Short Stories volume 1: English and Irish authors read their own work (audio CD)

Published Date:
December 2011
British Library Publishing
Bibliographic Details:
3 CD set, running time: 218 minutes
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Short stories written by British and Irish writers. In the years after the Second World War the BBC invited some of the leading English and Irish writers of short stories to read a selection of their own work on the radio. For the first time this unrivalled archive of recordings is now made available for wider distribution.

This three-CD set includes a wide range of short stories – from the elegantly-turned miniatures of Somerset Maugham to the eerie supernatural tales of Algernon Blackwood. Around a dozen writers will be featured in all, including Kingsley Amis, Phyllis Bentley, Edna O'Brien, A E Coppard, Lord Dunsany, V S Pritchett and William Trevor. The set offers a unique opportunity to hear some of the works of the most highly regarded masters of the craft telling short stories in their own voices.

Listen to sample tracks in Windows Media Player:
Kingsley Amis reading from ‘The Green Man Revisited'
William Trevor reading from ‘An Evening with John Joe Dempsey’

Track listing
1. Somerset Maugham, 'Salvatore'
2. Frank O’Connor, 'The Idealist'
3. Phyllis Bentley, 'Beckermonds'
4. Seán Ó’Faoláin, 'The Fur Coat'
5. V S Pritchett, 'The Fly in the Ointment'
1. Edna O’Brien, 'The Small-Town Lovers'
2. Somerset Maugham, 'The Luncheon'
3. Harold Pinter, 'Tea Party'
4. Algernon Blackwood, 'The Destruction of Smith'
5. Kingsley Amis, 'The Green Man Revisited'
1. Lord Dunsany, 'The Pearly Beach'
2. Algernon Blackwood, 'The Texas Farm Disappearance'
3. Angela Carter, 'The Snow Child'
4. A E Coppard, 'Princess of Kingdom Gone'
5. William Trevor, 'An Evening with John Joe Dempsey'

`The honeyed tones of Edna O'Brien tell of a suspiciously sudden death through the eyes of a young girl, and Harold Pinter conjures up a dryly lascivious businessman obsessed by betrayal because his eyes are failing; Angela Carter spells out her chilling Snow Child in a childish singsong, and Kingsley Amis romps through a ghostly sequel to his novel The Green Man.`
Christina Hardyment, The Times

`[a] winningly rich compilation`
James Walton, The Spectator

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