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Waves: The Sounds of Britain's Shores (audio CD)

Published Date:
June 2011
British Library Publishing
Bibliographic Details:
Audio CD, running time: 72 minutes
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Experience the pure sounds of the sea with this audio CD Waves: The Sounds of Britain's Shores. From the gentle lapping of water on a Cornish beach to the powerful crashing of waves on a rocky shore, this collection of recordings explores the idea that each beach has its own signature sound and demonstrates the contrasting nature of Britain's shoreline.

Listen to sample tracks
Waves on Shingle

Heavy Sea on Rocks

Track listing

1. Waves on Shingle (Burling Gap, East Sussex)
2. Mull Gully Waves (Isle of Mull, Scotland)
3. Howick Winter Waves (Howick, Northumberland)
4. Low Sea on Sand (Winchelsea Beach, East Sussex)
5. Cornish Cove (Kynance Cove, Cornwall)
6. Lindisfarne Seascape (Lindisfarne, Northumberland)
7. Rocky Shore (Cullernose, Northumberland)
8. After the Storm (Whitesand Bay, Cornwall)
9. Medium Seawash onto Shingle (Denge Beach, Kent)
10. Calm Sea (Wells Beach, Norfolk)
11. Gentle Waves on Sand & Shingle (Totland Bay, Isle of Wight)
12. Heavy Sea on Rocks (Bamburgh, Northumberland)

`The BL excels at this sort of unclassifiable thing and I love them for it (as I do the walled sanctuary of the St John Wilson building in London, and that in, their own high-level domain, there is a way in which a library is on a par with a government). These recordings are best thought of as sound art, and act as both documentation and interpretation, but also a celebration of the British coast in all its glorious, cold dampness.`
Chloe Evans, Caught by the River

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