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Lawrence Durrell: The Spoken Word (audio CD)

Published Date:
February 2012
British Library Publishing
Bibliographic Details:
One CD with booklet. Running time: 73 minutes
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2012 marked the centenary of the birth of novelist and poet Lawrence Durrell, one of the leading writers of the post-war years. Born in India and residents at various times in England, Greece, Egypt, Cyprus and France, Durrell was a cosmopolitan, whose work was greatly influenced by the Mediterranean places and cultures he experienced. His most famous work is The Alexandria Quartet, a series of novels produced in rapid succession between 1957 and 1960.

This disc contains a selection of previously unreleased historic BBC broadcasts in which Durrell reads his poetry and discusses his life and work, together with a unique pair of private recordings of Durrell as jazz pianist and vocalist.

Listen to extracts from tracks
Durrell being interviewed by Malcolm Muggeridge in the BBC Radio series Intimations

Durrell talking about place, Shakespeare and Dickens

Durrell plays and sings this jazz song Two of a Kind

Track listing
1. Two of a Kind [music]
Duration: 2.22.
2. Intimations [interview by Malcolm Muggeridge]
Duration: 18.40 [extract]
3. Logos [poetry reading]
Duration: 0.53
4. The Poet [poetry reading]
Duration: 1.03
5. Alexandria [poetry reading]
Duration: 3.08
6. The Tree of Idleness
Duration: 1.36
7. Conversations with Lawrence Durrell [interview by D G Bridson]
Duration: 12.54
8. Style [poetry reading]
Duration: 1.04
9. Cities, Plains and People VIII [extract, poetry reading]
Duration: 2.40
10. The Anecdotes, IV at Rhodes [poetry reading]
Duration: 1.42
11. On Ithaca Standing [poetry reading]
Duration: 1.15
12. Cavafy [poetry reading]
Duration: 1.46
13. Night Express [poetry reading]
Duration: 1.46
14. Bere Regis [poetry reading]
Duration: 0.54
15. The Octagon Room [poetry reading]
Duration: 2.21
16. Meridian [interview by Edward Blishen]
Duration: 14.30
17. Out of the Blue [music]
Duration: 2.50

Listen to the Guardian podcast which celebrates the 100th anniversary of his birth and features tracks from our Lawrence Durrell CD.

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