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Deportment for Dukes and Tips and Toffs (hardback)

Published Date:
September 2013
British Library Publishing
Bibliographic Details:
Hardback, 64 pages, 203x155mm, includes 12 black and white illustrations
Brummell & Beau
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First published in 1900, this is the original comportment guide for the aristocracy.

The want of a literature appealing only to those moving in the highest social circles, and practically incomprehensible to such as have not enjoyed the same advantages of birth, fortune and cellars, has long been regretted by the families of the aristocracy. To supply it the authors have written this treatise. Its ethics are adapted alike to throne-room, boudoir and butler’s pantry. During perusal, his Grace (or his valet) will find it applicable to most, if not all, of the contingencies of a ducal existence. Falling in love, going to sea and making a fortune are accidents that may befall a Policeman; but staying with a Cabinet Minister, taking a Duchess in to dinner and seeing a cockaded hat touched in deferential recognition, are sensations enjoyed by the favoured few. A visit to a country house is the summit of refined gratification and at the disposal, therefore, of the guest traveling towards a twelve-course dinner, the authors have placed this essential guide. Among the areas of advice offered are: the dinner table, hunting, shooting, in the ballroom, the precedence of personages, conversation de société, and the whole duty of the gentleman.

An invaluable guide to manners and mores, and as indispensable to the modern aristocrat as it was over 100 years ago.

'A spiffingly good read… It's never too late to swot up on the proper etiquette.' Belfast News Letter
'Downton etiquette revealed... the ultimate guide to aristocratic life.' Britain Magazine
`A light-hearted parody of the Victorian craze for books on etiquette, with practical advice on how to behave at breakfast, mount your hunter and make polite conversation.` The Lady
'If you were wondering about the proper way to flirt with your dance partner ("you may regale her with soup or sandwiches: you may show her your watch"), or how to avoid an altercation with riff-raff — this book by "Brummel and Beau" will come in handy"' Gabriella Swerling, TLS

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