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Booklover's Book of Jokes, Quips and Quotes (hardback)

Published Date:
September 2011
British Library Publishing
Bibliographic Details:
Hardback, 112 pages, 160 x 120mm
David Wilkerson
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Are you a fan of funny quotes? The Booklover's Book of Jokes, Quips and Quotes spans centuries to provide a book full of bookish humour, pithy sayings, one-liners and the just plain silly.

With sections containing the best barbs from Oscar Wilde, insults from Shakespeare, wise words from Jane Austen, John Milton and P G Wodehouse, silly book titles, 'light bulb' and 'knock-knock' jokes, this jolly little book is a cornucopia of delight and light relief for book lovers everywhere.

The jokes and funny quotes range from the erudite and wise words of an old master, Horace: 'Knowledge is the foundation and source of good writing', to the puerile and unaccredited: 'My father gave me a dictionary for my birthday. But I just couldn't find the words to thank him'.

Also available as a Kindle ebook here.

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