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Beauty, what it is and how to Retain it (hardback)

Published Date:
October 2012
British Library Publishing
Bibliographic Details:
Hardback, 128 pages, 163x100mm
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By A Lady

'At night the teeth should be cleaned with a very soft brush of badger's hair.'

'Hair should be brushed for twenty minutes night and morning'

'A little gin may be used instead of eau de Cologne'

These are just a selection of the many wisdoms given in the essential guide for women, Beauty, what it is and how to Retain it. First published in 1873, the book rejects any notion that beauty of the physical body should be treated with indifference for fear of moral corruption, and sets out to celebrate beauty and to teach women how to achieve and retain it.

This book is an ideal gift for any woman who wishes to explore the Victorian beauty regime and perhaps learn some new tips from it.

Preliminary Chapter: Beauty - Beauty of Form - Form and Culture - The Head and Hair - The Upper Part of the Face - The Lower Part of the Face - Complexion - Dress with Respect to Beauty - Care of Beauty in Infancy

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