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Songs of Garden Birds Download: The Definitive Audio Guide to British Garden Birds (audio download)

Published Date:
British Library Publishing
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Audio download (MP3s), running time: 72 minutes
MP3, 200MB
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This audio download features top-quality recordings of the typical songs and calls of the 52 species most commonly found in British gardens. It includes many favourites such as the Robin, Blackbird, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Sparrowhawk and Swallow. Songs of Garden Birds is the perfect introduction to learning and identifying bird sounds in your garden.

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Great tit

Track Listing:
1 House Sparrow
2 Starling
3 Blackbird
4 Song Thrush
5 Mistle Thrush
6 Blue Tit
7 Great Tit
8 Coal Tit
9 Marsh Tit
10 Long-tailed Tit
11 Greenfinch
12 Goldfinch
13 Chaffinch
14 Robin
15 Dunnock
16 Wren
17 Feral Pigeon
18 Wood Pigeon
19 Collared Dove
20 Magpie
21 Jay
22 Carrion Crow
23 Rook
24 Jackdaw
25 Great Spotted Woodpecker
26 Green Woodpecker
27 Sparrowhawk
28 House Martin
29 Swallow
30 Pied Wagtail
31 Nuthatch
32 Treecreeper
33 Goldcrest
34 Spotted Flycatcher
35 Blackcap
36 Chiffchaff
37 Willow Warbler
38 Bullfinch
39 Siskin
40 Brambling
41 Black-headed Gull
42 Redwing
43 Fieldfare
44 Tree Sparrow
45 Reed Bunting
46 Yellowhammer
47 Pheasant
48 Rose-ringed Parakeet
49 Swift
50 Canada Goose
51 Herring Gull
52 Tawny Owl

`I`m prepared to bet that this CD of bird song will be among your "most inspiring audios ever" collection.`

The Guardian

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Our audio downloads are provided as MP3 files. This format is highly compatible and files can be played on Macs, PCS, a range of mobile devices, MP3 players as well as iPods.

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