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British Mammals (audio download)

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British Library Publishing
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Audio download (MP3s), running time: 63 mins
Cheryl Tipp
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An audio introduction to the mammals of Britain

The chilling screams of the Red Fox, the rutting calls of the Fallow Deer and the rumbling growls of the Badger are just a few of the sounds that can be heard on `British Mammals`. This new identification guide from the British Library Sound Archive presents a comprehensive collection of recordings that will help listeners learn how to identify the sounds of British mammals. It includes the calls of species such as the Red Deer, Red Squirrel and Grey Seal that are celebrated features of the British landscape. It also features the sounds of our more secretive mammals such as the Otter, Yellow-necked Mouse and Pine Marten.

This compelling wildlife guide has been compiled from our extensive Sound Archive collections, and will appeal to anyone who has ever wondered what they are listening to whilst on walks in the British countryside.

It includes announcements on each track. Also available as a CD

Listen to sample tracks using Windows Media Player
Common Shrew - high-pitched calls
Red Deer - roars of stag
Red Fox - 'wow wow wow' barks
Hedgehog - courtship snorts

Track listing
1 Red Squirrel
2 Grey Squirrel
3 Edible Dormouse
4 Water Vole
5 Yellow-necked Mouse
6 Rabbit
7 Hedgehog
8 Common Shrew
9 Water Shrew
10 Greater Horseshoe Bat
11 Noctule
12 Common Pipistrelle
13 Red Fox
14 Badger
15 Otter
16 Pine Marten
17 Stoat
18 Common Seal
19 Atlantic Grey Seal
20 Wild Boar
21 Reeves' Muntjac
22 Red Deer
23 Sika Deer
24 Fallow Deer
25 Roe Deer
26 Chinese Water Deer

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