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    Whale Enamel Pin

    Introducing the stunning Whale enamel pin, designed by the talented illustrator Tom Hardwick!

    Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, this pin showcases the majesty and beauty of the largest mammal on Earth. This pin is the perfect gift for ocean lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, or anyone who appreciates high-quality art and design. 

    Measuring approximately 30mm at its widest points, this pin is the perfect size to add a touch of marine charm to any item, be it a backpack, denim jacket, or even a hat. The pin is made with hard enamel, which is layered up and polished down to create a smooth and polished finish that feels great to the touch.

    Each pin comes with a secure rubber clutch to keep it in place and is packaged on a beautiful card backer that displays the pin and showcases Tom's artwork. 

    Tom Hardwick is an illustrator from East Yorkshire. 

    Part of the Animals: Art, Science and Sound exhibition range. 

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    Brand: Tom Hardwick

    Dimensions: 3cm

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