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    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland "The best way" 12-month Pocket Daily Planner 2021

    “The best way to explain it is to do it.”
    Schedule a little nonsense in 2021 with this pocket-sized Limited Edition Daily Diary/Planner. The bright red cover features illustrations from the original publication by Sir John Tenniel, alongside a bold quote from Lewis Carroll’s classic tale. Authentic graphics continue on the endpapers inside with the Cheshire Cat, the Queen of Hearts and Alice herself exploring the back page.

    Each Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Planner includes a set of stickers to personalize your schedule with playing card symbols and popular quotes from the book. The paperband B-side features a playful “Drink me” label to cut out and make, while the story card inside contains a themed message.

    This practical pocket-sized Daily Diary is designed to show one page per day, with plenty of space for all your tasks, events, projects and quirky ideas. Running from January to December 2021, the opening section shows the whole year at a glance, before giving a month-by-month overview. Intro pages feature useful information for travel planning, including international time zones as well as different measures and conversions around the globe.

    With bold quotes from this most curious adventure, the 12-Month Pocket Daily Planner invites you to plan for the absurd throughout 2021.

    - dated from January to December 2021
    - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland themed hard cover, allowing for a comfortable writing experience even without a surface
    - rounded corners
    - elastic closure
    - ivory-colored, 70 g/m², acid-free paper
    - useful tools: planning, time zones, international measurements, dialling codes and flight duration
    - worldwide holidays calendar available from
    - story card with themed message
    - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland stickers
    - color-coordinated expandable inner pocket
    - 'In case of loss' notice printed on the flyleaf
    - matching ribbon bookmark
    - reusable themed paperband B-SIDE featuring additional printed tools
    - lies flat, opens at 180°

    Moleskine creates FSC®-certified products.

    Brand: Moleskine

    Binding: Hard Cover

    Dimensions: 9 x 14 cm

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