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    Magical Lands Candle Collection

    Wonderland, Rivendell, Narnia

    This collection of hand-poured soy and beeswax candles will take you on an adventure to literature’s most magical lands.

    ·       3 x 90g / 16-hour burn candles

    ·       Made by hand in England

    ·       Sustainably-sourced soy wax and British beeswax

    ·       Eco-friendly packaging


    Rose absolute, black tea, strawberry, vanilla

    Take a trip to Wonderland with this hand-poured literary soy and beeswax candle. Breathe in and follow Alice down the rabbit hole. Play croquet in the Red Queen’s rose garden, join the Mad Hatter for tea and savour a stolen strawberry tart. Curioser and curiouser!


    Mixed woods, moss, cade, night flowers

    Journey to the elvish kingdom of Tolkien’s imagination with this hand-poured literary soy and beeswax candle. Breathe in and allow the aromas of mixed woods, moss, and night flowers to transport you to the valley of those who wander under the stars.


    Turkish delight, apple, pine, snow

    The fragrance in this luxury literary soy wax candle will take you on a journey to the land beyond the wardrobe. Follow the alluring perfumes of Turkish delight and crisp apple to a forest of fresh pine needles capped with powdery flakes of snow.

    Literari & Light candles are poured by hand in beautiful Berkshire using artisan techniques. Every Literati & Light fragrance is expertly blended to tell a scented story and each drop of wax contains the maximum amount of fragrance. We respect the environment by using sustainable natural waxes and eco-friendly packaging.

    For the safest and best burn, always follow the safety instructions on the base of the candles.


    Brand: Literati & Light

    Dimensions: 3 x 90g