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    The Hatter Necklace

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    A delicate silver necklace featuring the Hatter.

    Developed by designer Sorrel Sevier and Alice’s Shop in Oxford, this sterling silver necklace is inspired by Sir John Tenniel’s original illustrations from Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Each piece is individually handcrafted and engraved with exquisite attention to detail.

    Presented in a padded box with Alice's Shop Oxford branding in gold foil.

    Sorrel Sevier is a jewellery designer based in Mid Wales, who worked with the team at Alice’s Shop to develop these Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland inspired necklaces.

    Alice’s Shop has been known by that name for around 150 years, after Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass featured the main character visiting a little shop that was widely believed to be inspired by a sweetshop opposite the real Alice’s childhood home. Today it celebrates its heritage as a treasure trove of Alice in Wonderland gifts and memorabilia.

    Material: Sterling Silver

    Brand: Sorrel Sevier and Alice's Shop Oxford

    Dimensions: Pendant approx. 16mm tall

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