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    The Woman in the Wardrobe

    From a new and exclusive author in the Crime Classics series, this is a characterful, and well overdue rediscovery. With top quality characterisation and dialogue given the author’s playwright past, The Woman in the Wardrobe is a light-hearted and genuinely hilarious take on the genre, whilst still containing the rules and expectations of Golden Age mystery.

    'A corpse in a blood-soaked room; a locked door and a locked window; a masked man; a beautiful girl trussed inside a wardrobe; and now a pretender to the throne! This is superb!'

    One July morning in the seaside town of Amnestie, just before eight o'clock, the amateur sleuth Mr Verity is striding down from his villa for an early swim. Bemused by the sight of a man climbing into a window at The Charter Hotel, Verity's curious enquiry at the reception desk pitches him headlong into a murder investigation. But the sleuth relishes a challenge, and with an abundance of suspects and multiple impossible elements to the case, this affair promises to be satisfying sport indeed.

    This ingenious mystery, bustling with a wit, pace and theatricality that would later blossom in Shaffer's dramatic works, returns to print for the first time since 1951 complete with the original illustrations by Nicolas Bentley.

    Publishing June 2020.

    Author: Peter Shaffer with an introduction by Martin Edwards

    Brand: British Library Publishing

    Number of pages: 208 pages

    Binding: Paperback

    Dimensions: 190 x 130 mm