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    Black See-Through Speaker

    This Bluetooth speaker is a fusion of innovative design and acoustic excellence.

    The speaker boasts a body of durable ABS with textured finishing, complemented by a clear acrylic exterior. The transparent design not only showcases the intricate internal components but also enables you to feel the vibration and energy of the music, adding a tactile dimension to your listening experience.

    Connect effortlessly to your devices via Bluetooth and enjoy your favourite tunes with exceptional clarity. The speaker has a dimmable warm yellow light beneath the top, adding a cosy ambiance to your space. A simple tap on the top button controls the light, making it perfect for setting the mood in any room.

    Rechargeable via a USB-C cable, the speaker promises a substantial battery life of  3-8 hours, making it a reliable companion for your daily musical journey. 

    Brand: Gingko

    Dimensions: 16 x 3.5 x 10.7 cm