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    Mini Koulouraki w/ Orange

    The classic version, with the intense, characteristic aroma of orange and its sweet-tart taste, boosts this melt in the mouth cookie. 

    This recipe is inspired by the beautiful southern Peloponnese peninsula.

    Rich in Mythology and homeland of the ancient Olympic Games, Peloponnese is definitely a land of mystery and interest.

    Its diverse culinary history has been formed by the various occupants that inhabited the area: franks, ottomans and venetians.

    With its mountainous interior and its deeply indented coasts, the area is blessed with climatic conditions that favor agricultural production, thus offering to the local house wives a variety of ingredients to use in their home-made “koulouraki” treats.

    Petit Grecs are based in the harbour of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second biggest town.

    Ιngredients: Wheat flour (contains gluten), butter (contains milk) 25%, sugar, natural orange flavor 0,2%, baking powder [corn starch, sodium bicarbonate, trisodium diphosphate], natural vanilla flavor.

    Μay contain traces of allergens such as: eggs, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, cashews, soy and sesame.

    Nutrition data (100g): Energy 522 kcal, Total Fats 26.17g, of which Saturates 17.56g, Total Carbohydrates 65.86g, of which Sugars 17g, Fibres 1g, Proteins 5.8g, Salt 0,3g.

    Brand: Petit Grecs

    Dimensions: 65 g

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