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    Reusable Coffee Cup 12oz Black/Mustard

    This black and mustard reusable coffee cup, or rCUP, is made from recycled coffee cups, and won’t leak, ever. It keeps your drink hot or cold and you can pick it up without scalding your hand. Its 360 degree drinking feature means you can open it with one hand, and you never have to drink your coffee through a tiny hole again.

    rCUP is BPA free, dishwasher safe, leak proof and designed for 10+ years lifetime.

    The cup measures 340ml, and with the base diameter being 64mm and the lid diameter being 84mm, it will fit in both your car cup holder and under most coffee machines.

    Join the circular economy revolution and enjoy aromatic, hot coffee on the go without the leaks!

    Brand: rCup

    Dimensions: 340ml, 168mm height, base diameter is 64mm and lid

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