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    Gold: Spectacular Manuscripts from Around the World

    Gold: Spectacular Manuscripts from Around the World is a dazzling, large-format book featuring highlights from the 2022 British Library Gold exhibition.

    Twenty-one highlights from the exhibition are presented in this sumptuous souvenir guide to reflect the range of spectacular manuscripts brought together from around the world, with captions exploring the histories of these objects and the techniques used to create them. From sacred texts written in gold ink to biblical narratives embellished with gold, and from gold plates inscribed with Buddhist chants to golden-flecked Chinese papers bearing Persian poetry, these artefacts have been specially photographed to display their rich, shimmering textures in their fullest glory and make this an exhibition guide to truly treasure. 

    Written and selected by the curatorial team, Gold: Spectacular Manuscripts from Around the World showcases the British Library’s exceptional collection of manuscript items incorporating gold, as featured in this major exhibition, which have universal appeal and are central to the traditions of book art from around the world.


    Part of the Gold exhibition range.

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    Publication date: 20/05/2022

    Author: Edited by Kathleen Doyle, Annabel Gallop, Eleanor Jackson

    Brand: British Library Publishing

    Number of pages: 32

    Binding: Hardback

    Dimensions: 246 x 189