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    Red Christmas Tree Candle Small

    Recycled  Handmade  Small Business  Made in the UK  sustainable

    These adorable red Christmas Tree candles will help you get the festive mood going at home while you struggle to get the lights symmetrical on the real tree.

    Made from recycled wax.

    The Recycled Candle Company was founded by Richard and Sargon. Their hand-poured candles are made entirely from recycled candle wax, saving 40 tonnes of wax from landfill every year. Their candles are stocked in shops all over the country, as well as in their own shop in Exeter, which is where they make every single one of our candles.

    Brand: The Recycled Candle Company

    Dimensions: Dimensions - 105mm x 55mmØ Burn Time - 3 - 5 hours

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