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    DIY Record Player Canvas White

    Build your own sleek and compact record player with this Spinbox kit, featuring a built-in amplifier and speakers.

    Have you ever wanted a record player but hesitated because it seemed complicated to set up, or too expensive? Do you need to find a gift for someone with a love of music or tech? Spinbox is a record player that you can assemble yourself in just 5 steps!

    Easy and quick to set up, this all-in-one turntable can play different sizes and speeds of records, and produces a clear and loud sound from the built-in speakers. The lightweight design fits with most phone charger adaptors and portable chargers, making it easy to play music on-the-go. You can also connect to your own external speakers or headphones for versatility.

    The high quality, water-resistant exterior is made with the same paper material used in packaging for popular tech products, and can be easily customised with paint or stickers to make it truly your own.

    Packaged in a box for easy gifting.

    - Suitable for 7-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch records.
    - Easily switch from 33 RPM to 45RPM to 78 RPM.
    - Micro USB power connection.
    - Made from cardboard and plastic, with protective inserts when packaged.
    - Includes all elements and instructions to make the turntable, as well as a cloth cover, slipmat, and Micro USB charging cable.


    (Please note the video shows the Black DIY Record Player being put together. The Canvas White Record Player has a plain white exterior.)

    Brand: Spinbox

    Dimensions: H 105 mm x W 350 mm x D 280 mm

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