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    11 Inch Satchel Aloe

    A reinterpretation of the classic British school bag, this new take pays homage to the heritage of the bag but updates the design by refining the dimensions and adding convenient magnetic closures (rather than the buckle fastenings of a traditional Satchel). The 11 Inch Satchel is a timeless piece of British design and the perfect size for those with a disciplined approach to their daily essentials.

    This soothing green colour is the calming antidote you didn’t know you needed. Like its namesake, Aloe is intriguing, peaceful and energising all at once. The plant thrives in the sun, so may your bag transport you to a hot, sunny place, wherever you are!

    The Cambridge Satchel Co. was born from a passion for excellence. When Julie and her mum Freda started the company at their kitchen table in Cambridge, they had one goal – to make enough money to provide Julie’s children with an excellent education and a brighter future. 

    Julie Deane OBE is the Entrepreneur in Residence at the Library’s Business & IP Centre and will help inspire and guide users of the Business & IP Centre by sharing her own advice and business experiences, and will also be advising on how the Centre can develop and expand by raising the profile of its work across the UK.

    Brand: Cambridge Satchel Company

    Dimensions: H20 x W27 x D6 cm

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