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    A History of the Second World War in 100 Maps

    Compiled by one of the world’s leading military and cartographic historians, Jeremy Black, this title selects 100 of the most revealing, extraordinary and significant maps to give a ground-breaking perspective on the Second World War. It follows the British Library’s enormously successful A History of America in 100 Maps, published in 2018.

    Whilst the First World War had seen an exceptional growth in the use and production of military cartography, the global conflict that followed employed maps, charts, reconnaissance, radar, sonar and the systematic recording and processing of geographical and topographical information on an unprecedented scale. It is impossible to understand the events and outcomes of the Second World War without deep reference to mapping at all levels. Maps themselves became the weapons and had a decisive impact.

    In this highly original work Jeremy Black, one of world’s leading military and cartographic historians, shows how fundamental maps were to the conflict as he charts its historical sweep across each of the major theatres. The book’s thematic arrangement – exploring the conflict’s maps through strategic, operational, tactical, reportage and propaganda means – provides a truly ground-breaking perspective. The story is told through 100 key maps, many photographed for the very first time, from the unrivalled collections of the British Library and other major cartographic holdings.

    Published: October 2020

    Author: Jeremy Black

    Brand: British Library Publishing

    Number of pages: 256 pages, with 140 colour illustrations

    Binding: Hardback

    Dimensions: 280 x 220 mm

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