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    Alexander the Great - Adventures in Time

    Take a journey to a vanished world with the ADVENTURES IN TIME series - stories so exciting you won't believe they're all true

    'His mind was clear. It was time to go east. Time to march into Asia, to confront the Persians and to meet his destiny...'

    Alexander has one, wild dream: to rule the world. And with his childhood friends and his beloved horse Bucephalus, he sets out from his home in Ancient Greece to do just that. With historian Dominic Sandbrook as our guide, join Alexander on his incredible journey through the deserts of Egypt and over the snow-capped mountains of Persia all the way to India, defeating all who stand in his way. For anything is possible with the help of the gods...

    Author: Dominic Sandbrook

    Brand: Penguin Books Ltd

    Number of pages: 336

    Binding: Hardback

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