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    Alexander the Great Postcard Pack

    This postcard pack contains 16 postcards featuring imagery from the Alexander the Great: The Making of a Myth exhibition at the British Library.

    Images include:
    • Alexander with Boars’ Tusks
    • Iskandar and the Seven Philosophers
    • Alexander riding Bucephalus
    • Handel’s Opera Alessandro
    • Iskandar visits the Ka'ba
    • Olympias gives birth to Alexander the Great
    • Griffin and snakes
    • Queen Nushabah is not deceived
    • Iskandar and the Talking Tree
    • Griffins carry Alexander aloft
    • A fairytale descent
    • Alexander explores the ocean depths
    • Alexander and the golden apple
    • Aristotle instructs Alexander
    • A Christian Alexander, from a magical scroll
    • A maritime diversion

    Part of the Alexander the Great: The Making of a Myth exhibition range.

    Find out more about the exhibition here:

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    Brand: British Library

    Dimensions: A6