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    Awards for Good Boys: From the viral Instagram account

    We all know a good boy.

    He's a 'Feminist'... in his Tinder bio.
    He ghosts you, but then feels bad. (For a moment.)
    He's not mansplaining, just aggressively clarifying.
    And he's open to being wrong. Theoretically.

    Ready to call time on rewarding those who clear the low bar of not being outwardly awful?

    Awards for Good Boys explores why so-called and self-proclaimed good boys are actually not that great, and makes literal our tendency to applaud men for doing the absolute least. It will make you cry-laugh, feel validated, and help you unravel your own assumptions about what makes us good.

    Author: Shelby Lorman

    Brand: Cornerstone

    Number of pages: 208 pages

    Binding: Hardback

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