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    Barbarian Rage 2oz Gaming Candle

    handmade  Vegan

     What is the scent of wild, savage, and unbridled rage? It must not be cold and calculated like a plotted revenge, but passionate and warm. Imagine the sweet, summer juice dripping down from a ripe blood orange as you squeeze it in your strong barbaric hands.

    Rounded out with hints of grapefruit, neroli, and cedar, this blood orange candle is also infused with natural essential oils, including bergamot. Don't let it whip you into a frenzy of an angry, animalistic fury, though—just enjoy the fresh citrus fragrance and leave the roiling ferocity to your character.

    Small-batch, handmade soy wax magicked up in the USA - inspired by the Barbarian Rage ability in the D&D realm!

    Brand: Game Master Dice

    Dimensions: Burns for 10-14 hours

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