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    Barn Owl Salt and Pepper

    Bring a touch of the treetops to your table with the Barn Owl Salt and Pepper Shakers from Quail Ceramics! These delightful shakers are handcrafted from high-quality, handpainted stoneware, ensuring that each piece is unique and full of character.

    The charming design of the Barn Owl Salt and Pepper Shakers is sure to capture the hearts of bird lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. With lifelike features and intricate details, these shakers are as beautiful as they are functional.

    In addition to being the perfect size for seasoning your meals, these shakers are also dishwasher safe, making clean up a breeze. Whether you are hosting a dinner party or enjoying a meal with your family, the Barn Owl Salt and Pepper Shakers are the perfect way to elevate your meals to new heights!

    Complete the set with Barn Owl Jug and Barn Owl Egg Cup, also available online.

    Part of the Animals: Art, Science and Sound exhibition range. 

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    Brand: Quail Ceramics

    Dimensions: 8.5cm

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