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    Chineasy for Children

    Chineasy ® is a fun and easy way to learn how to read Chinese characters with pictures. The book opens with introductory spreads explaining how the Chinese language is made up of building blocks.  Subsequent spreads feature lively scenes and illustrations that help children to recognize basic Chinese characters.

    The book is organized by themes, each of which covers key vocabulary such as numbers, family, animals, and food. Stories about the development of characters and customs provide the perfect introduction to Chinese culture, while games and activities allow children to put into practice what they have learned. 

    The book also features eight practice pages for children to try out writing the Chinese characters. You'll be surprised how easy Chinese is when you learn it the Chineasy way!

    Author: ShaoLan Hsueh

    Brand: Thames & Hudson

    Number of pages: 80

    Binding: Hardback

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