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    Design Your Own Superhero Comic Book

    Create your own superheroes and stories about your characters by designing your very own comic books.

    Designed as a project that children can either work all the way through, or just complete in simple sections over time. No matter what age or drawing ability, there is something for everyone.

    Activities include:
    - Designing a superhero with costumes, powers, special skills and weapons
    - Designing a superhero logo
    - Character development
    - Planning and writing a story
    - Story boarding a comic strip
    - Designing a front cover
    - Creating a comic strip lay out
    - Pencil sketching, inking, line work and adding colour.

    1 x 8 page comic book
    1 x 8 page activity booklet
    1 x cardboard stencil sheet
    4 x graphic tracing sheets
    3 x project activity sheets

    Age range: 7-12.

    Brand: Clockwork Soldier