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    Feminisms: A Global History

    Feminism is the ongoing story of a profound historical transformation. Despite being repeatedly written off as a political movement that has achieved its aim of female liberation, it has been continually redefined as new generations of women campaign against the gender inequity of their age.

    In this absorbing book, historian Lucy Delap challenges the simplistic narrative of 'feminist waves' - a sequence of ever more progressive updates - showing instead that feminists have been motivated by the specific concerns of their historical moment. Drawing on an extraordinary range of examples from Japan to Russia, Egypt to Germany, Delap explores different feminist projects to show that those who are part of this movement have not always agreed on a single programme. This diverse history of feminism, she argues, can help us better navigate current debates and controversies.

    A tour de force from an award-winning expert, Feminismsshows that a rich relationship to the past can infuse today's activism with a sense possibility and inspiration.

    Author: Lucy Delap

    Brand: Penguin Books Ltd

    Number of pages: 416 pages

    Binding: Hardback

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