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    Glasilium Vase Large

    A stunning addition to any living room or table display, the Glasilium vases from Scandinavia Form are perfect for showcasing a single stem flower or leaf.

    The stem is placed in the vase where it's visible both outside and inside the glass, as if it were growing in nature. Fill the vase with water by simply removing the cork.

    Copper gets a beautiful patina over time, and depending on the environment the colour changes naturally. You can polish the copper stem by using a damp soft cloth and copper polish. The glass should be handwashed separately in luke warm water and rinsed and dried carefully. Do not wash in dishwasher. If any plaque appears on the glass pour a little lemon juice on it and wash. You can also remove plaque if you put a little rice and citric acid and shake the vase. Rinse with warm water.

    Brand: Scandinavia Form

    Dimensions: 200mm Diameter

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