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    GO BIG: How To Fix Our World

    Good news: the solutions to our problems already exist. 

    Great news: a once-in-a-generation appetite for change means we can make them happen.

    The challenges we face are daunting, but in Go Big Ed Miliband shows that the scale of what is possible is far greater. We are at a rare moment in history when people everywhere see the need for big change. Meanwhile, practical and proven ways exist for tackling everything from inequality to the climate crisis - if you know where to look and have the courage to think big.

    Ed Miliband has captured imaginations with his award-winning hit podcast Reasons to be Cheerful, which discovers brilliant people all around the world who are successfully fixing problems, transforming communities and pioneering global movements. From a citizens' assembly in Mongolia to the UK's largest walking and cycling network in Greater Manchester, from flexible working in Finland to the campaign for the first halal Nando's in Cardiff, Go Big draws on the most imaginative and ambitious of these ideas to provide a vision for how to remake society.

    The future is not yet written. It's our job to write it. Go Big shows us how.

    Author: Ed Miliband

    Brand: Ebury Publishing

    Number of pages: 224 pages

    Binding: Hardback