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    Hebrew Manuscripts Postcard Pack

    A pack of 16 postcards featuring imagery from the Hebrew Manuscripts: Journeys of the Written Word exhibition at the British Library. The postcards include:

    • Detail from Baruch ben Isaac, Sefer ha-Terumah (Book of the Offering)
    • Detail from Mafteah Shelomoh (Key of Solomon)
    • Detail from the Duke of Sussex’s German Pentateuch with micrography
    • Page from Perek Shirah (Chapter of Song)
    • Carpet page from Harley Catalan Bible
    • Avicenna, Canon of Medicine (Books III and V)
    • Detail from Shalom Shabazi’s poems for weddings
    • Joseph ben Shem Tov ben Yeshuah Hai, She’erit Yosef (Joseph’s Legacy)
    • Page from First Gaster Bible
    • Johannes de Sacrobosco (John of Holywood), Mareh ha-ofanim (Hebrew translation of De Sphaera mundi)
    • Chart in a calendrical and astronomical treatise
    • Love potion, from Elisha ben Gad Ankonah, Ets ha-da’at (The Tree of Knowledge)
    • Page from Maimonides’ Moreh nevukhim (Hebrew translation of Guide for the Perplexed)
    • Page from the Sloane Hagadah
    • Page from ‘Imrani, Fath Nama (Book of Conquest)
    • Marriage contract from Tangier, Morocco

    Accompanying the British Library's onsite Hebrew Manuscripts exhibition.