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    If the World Were 100 Animals

    A thought-provoking book for children aged 5+ years that explores biodiversity and opens up key discussions about the environment and the topical issues highlighted in David Attenborough's documentary Extinction: The Facts.

    There are estimated to be around 20 quintillion animals living on Earth, but it's tricky to picture so many animals! So instead, let's imagine just 100 animals at a time . . .

    What does it look like? How are animals divided up? How many species are still to be discovered? Where in the world can wild mammals be found? And how 'wild' are they really? What are the most popular pets? How many species are extinct and how many are in danger?

    If there had only ever been 100 animals, then 10 are living and 90 are extinct!

    IF THE WORLD WERE 100 ANIMALS opens up discussions and includes tips on how to protect the world we share - supporting children in becoming global citizens and promoting empathy, kindness and self-awareness.

    If we focus on just 100 animals, it's easier to see the things they have in common, and the things that make them different. So come and meet the animals in our wildlife park, and think about the big questions that affect them, and us!

    Author: Miranda Smith

    Brand: Egmont UK Ltd

    Number of pages: 32 pages

    Binding: Paperback

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