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    Kid Activists: True Tales of Childhood from Champions of Change

    Every activist started out as a kid-and in some cases, were kids when they began their activism.

    Before they became champions of African-American, women's, LGBTQ, disablity, education, labor, and civil rights, the world s most celebrated activists had regular-kid problems, just like you.

    Kid Activists tells the stories of a diverse and inclusive group-including Frederick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony, Harvey Milk, Dolores Huerta, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., James Baldwin, Nelson Mandela, Emma Watson, Janet Mock, Helen Keller, Alexander Hamilton, Ruby Bridges, Iqbal Masih, Malala Yousafzai, and Autumn Peltier-through kid-friendly text and full-color cartoon illustrations on nearly every page.

    Author: Robin Stevenson

    Brand: Quirk Books

    Number of pages: 208 pages

    Binding: Hardback

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