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    Large Mandarin Candle

    Small business badge Made in the UK  Handmade

    Esh's very first fruit candle, the Mandarin Orange is still a firm fave today! Based on the shape of a classic Sumo Orange, and made with Mandarin and Tangerine essential oils for an uber realistic texture and scent. 

    Made with soy wax, essential oils, recycled cotton wicks, and non-toxic dyes.

    Founded in April 2020 by partners Mia and Reuben, Esh is a small-batch candle brand born in South-East London. 

    They create unique sculptural candles, inspired by contemporary art and design, food, nature and more!

    Using Computer Aided Design software, each candle form and mould is designed and manufactured by them and their team behind the scenes using recycled plastic. 

    Brand: Esh Candles

    Dimensions: Burn time: 6+ hours

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